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Coral Complex 3


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Coral Complex 3

Organic Minerals - Highly Absorbable
pH Balance


   Why you need coral minerals:

Some doctors say that 157 diseases are caused by mineral deficiency.  Minerals make up the basic foundation of health.  Our soils have become depleted of minerals, thus, our foods and our bodies have become mineral deficient.  Coral naturally contains every mineral found in the body and unlike most mineral supplements, coral minerals are easily absorbed and really work.

Click HERE to listen a radio broadcast recorded a few years ago with formulator Dr James Chappell and two other doctors.  It is titled "Three Docs on Coral".  When you listen to it, you will never want to be without Coral Complex 3. 

If the link above does not work for you, it may be because you are using a Mozilla type browser or a Mac. 
Try clicking HERE to hear the recording.

This audio is also available in the shopping cart as a CD. 
In addition, Dr Chappell has written a remarkable 65 page book called "Miracle Elements". 
Once again, you will not want to be without Coral Complex 3 when you have read this book.

Listen to these recorded interviews of
Dr James Chappell on Coral Complex 3
January 6, 2009
January 15th, 2009
January 23rd, 2009
February 12th, 2009

What are coral minerals?

A small sea animal creates coral by ingesting the ionic ocean minerals and secreting them into a coral formation.

The natural balance of 72 minerals is important because each mineral requires other minerals to do it's job and in turn, those minerals require different supporting minerals.   All minerals must be present for any one mineral to work properly.  Calcium is the most plentiful of minerals in Coral Complex 3.

The organic nature (previously digested by an animal) of the coral minerals is also important.  It is very difficult to assimilate minerals, especially inorganic minerals.  Organic coral minerals are highly assimilable.

What makes the coral minerals so assimilable is their propensity to become ionic upon contact with moisture.  This natural ability to go ionic, combined with the full spectrum, organic formation, makes coral one of the most beneficial form of minerals.  

How do coral minerals work?

Minerals are the basic foundation for health.  From our bones to the multitude of enzymatic activities within and without our cells, minerals are the key that opens the door to optimum health.  This is accomplished by supplying the body with missing minerals that have crucial roles to play and by bringing overall mineral levels up, thereby raising the pH of body fluids and tissues back to their natural healthy levels.  A high pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic) environment.

Most people in our society are mineral deficient because the soils have become depleted through unsustainable farming practices.  When the minerals are supplied in an organic assimilable form, health may improve.  Coral contains every mineral needed by the body and is known for its synergistic relationship with the body.  Did you know that orthopedic surgeaons use pieces of coral for bone grafts because the bone and tendons readily accept the coral?

Where does coral come from?

All coral supplied to the Whole Wellness Club by Coral LLC is harvested from above the sea on the island of  Okinawa.  Thousands of years ago this coral was a thriving coral reef.  Geologically, this coral was pushed up above sea level, free from the ocean pollution of the industrial era.

Whole Wellness Club and Coral LLC respect the fragile state of the coral reefs and ocean environment.  Unfortunately, other companies do take dead coral debris from the ocean.  Dredging the ocean floor devastates the ocean ecology and is detrimental to the living reefs.  Coral larvae propagate in the dead coral debris and any disturbance directly affects the life of the living reef.

Living coral reefs are NEVER touched in making our product.
Using above sea coral NEVER impacts the living reef.


Country music singer Merle Haggard in recent years had experienced such significant bone loss to his jaw that  his teeth were very loose.  He was told that he would lose his teeth and that his singing career was over.  After exhaustive research for a solution, his wife found Coral Complex 3.  Within a short time on the product Merle regained so much bone mass in his jaw, that his teeth were no longer loose.   Click on the link below and listen to his endorsement.

Merle Haggard's Endorsement of Coral Complex 3

If the link above does not work for you, it may be because you are using a Mozilla type browser or a Mac. 
Try clicking HERE to hear the recording.

The following condensed testimonials have been sent to Coral LLC with a signed authorization to publish these results.

Case #1
This person suffered for 25 years with severe gluten intolerance.  Upon visiting me one year ago this problem was discovered and a process of eliminating gluten from the diet was begun.  Gluten intolerance damages the lining of the small intestine, which in turn leads to the development of a host of ailments due to poor nutrient absorption.   This person responded very quickly for the most part, but continued to experience extreme bone pain.  This bone pain is common with gluten intolerance and many people say that can last 2 or more years after correcting the diet and increasing nutritonal intake.  In this case Coral Complex (6 caps per day) with 15,000 IU of vitamin D were used for one week with complete relief of bone pain.  This person has continued maintaining an adequate intake of Vitamin D3 and Coral Complex and has remained free of chronic bone pain for over 6 months.  Note that this person has not used any pain relief medication.

Case #2
An adult male in his early 50's was diagnosed with hypercalcemia. He has high blood pressure, osteoporosis, bone spurs and chronic kidney stones.  His Dr. had put him on strong diuretics and told him to reduce intake of calcium.  After consulting with me, he began taking Coral Complex and Vitamin D.  He has not had any more kidney stones since, the bone spurs are not bothering him anymore, the hypercalcemia is no longer present and his bone density is slowly improved.  This all took place in less than 6 months.

In my practice I see people for all kinds of complaints, but pain is the most common.  I believe mineral deficiency is the most common cause of chronic pain.   I have seen many of my clients find relief from muscle cramps, joint pain, plantarfacitis, fibromyalgia, and muscle twitches when using Coral Complex.  In many cases these people had been using other calcium products with no benefit.

Coral LLC's Coral Complex is safe and highly effective source of elemental nutrition.  No one should be without it.

Dan Olson LMT and Traditional Chinese Herbal Science

Moorehead Minnesota

For ten years I have suffered from extremely painful bone spurs on both my feet.  I have been to podiatrists, orthopedic doctors and others with help to relieve the problem.   I have had cortisone shots, shoe inserts, and special orthopedic shoes but nothing worked.  I was discouraged to the point that I felt I must live with the pain.   My husband just recently became aware of a product called Coral Complex from a radio show on alternative medicine.  He ordered a bottle and after a few weeks began to feel much better and a skin condition he had for a year began to disappear.  He urged me to try it and I did.  After taking Coral Complex for only a few days, the pain began to subside.  After a few weeks of taking it, the pain is completely gone and my feet no longer hurt.  I am so grateful to find a natural product that cures the problem rather than just treat the symptoms.  Thank you so much for your product.   I highly recommend it to anyone who has bone spurs. 

Delia of La Mesa, NM

I believe that the Coral Complex with all its nutrients is an excellent mineral supplement.   It brought my saliva pH up from approximately 6 (green on pH paper) to 7 (blue on pH paper), balancing my body fluids from acid to alkaline.  This helps my overall body health, giving me more energy, I require less sleep, feel more alert, more relaxed all around.  Just feel much better.

Ron L. of Alberta

I am a plumber and have spent a lot of time on my knees.  I had to walk with a cane and could not walk up a ladder.  I went to a doctor and specialists and they wanted to operate, take my knee caps off and scrape them or replace them.  I heard of Coral Complex and started to use it.  Now my knees are normal and I walk, kneel and function normally.

D. Leritt of Calgary, Alberta

Bone Spurs
My wife has suffered from bone spurs for years which are extremely painful and debilitating.  Apparently the calcium she was taking was not being absorbed into the body as it should.  With the first bottle of Coral Complex, she has experienced tremendous relief and freedom from pain.  Your ionic calcium formula which is absorbed by the body has freed her from pain and suffering that she has experienced for years.

Norbert of La Mesa, NM

Mood Swings
I have been using Coral Complex for over a year now.  I find since I've been using Coral I am happier, feel better and have an even mood balance.  Without Coral I would be depressed, anxious, and generally feel sluggish.  I highly recommend Coral Complex for any person that is feeling depressed and moody.

Sharon of Carson City, NV

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
I am very thankful for Coral Complex.  My blood pressure was extremely high and cholesterol was a lot too high.  My doctor gave me a prescription, but a friend told me about Coral Complex and to try it first.  I used the Coral Complex and both my blood pressure and cholesterol are near normal.  Thankfully I 'm not on prescriptions for a lifetime - just on natural products.

Steve of Calgary, AB

Muscle Fatigue, Lactic Acid Build Up
Just a note - those Coral pills really do work!  After tennis or working out, what I would normally experience for muscle soreness is diminished substantially.  Well, you learn something new every day.  Thanks for turning me on to them.

Chris of California

I have used Coral Complex for the past few years.  When my body is alkalized it seems to function better.  For example, I have not had a cold for years, have lots of energy, regular bowel movements, etc.

Marvin of Calgary, AB

I would like to thank your for supplying Coral Complex to me.  Before I started taking Coral my saliva pH was at 4.5.  After taking Coral Complex my pH went to 7.5 and I seem to keep in that range and I feel better.  Thanks for your help.

Wayne of Alberta

Strong Bones
I have been taking Coral minerals for the past 6 years.  I exercise moderately and try to eat correctly.  I went in for a bone scan from my medical doctor.  One week later the doctor said my reading was above average and she had never seen an above average reading on anyone.

Barbara, Nevada

Asthma, Chronic Cough
For the past 6 years or more I have had a chronic cough that a rheumatoid physician diagnosed as an asthma type cough.  And for the past 3 years I have been taking three (3) separate inhalers to control it, which worked with moderate success.  I still was awakened many times during the night by the cough.

About a month ago I started taking the Coral Complex and noticed my coughing decreased the very first day.  Within two weeks the cough had stopped and I discontinued all other medicine.  I'm sleeping undisturbed and it is great.  I am relieved I am off all the prescriptions and sleep through the night.

10-13-00 Connie F. LA, CA

Age 29, Occupation: Instructor for National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

My work consists of living in the wildernesss for extended periods of time.  Up to three months.  Our diet in the field can lead to groggy days of hiking and paddling.  I have supplemented my diet with Coral Complex.  I noticed a considerable difference from when I didn't eat it.  When I did, it was nice to have the energy level just above everyone else's.  I slept better and had more energy in the morning.  I really believe it could help all types of athletes perform better.   I whole heartedly back its use and have been spreading the word to all my friends.   The fact it is ECO-responsible is a must in my business.

Chris of El Granda, California

Varicose Veins
I have been taking Coral Complex for 9 months.  I have seen an improvement in varicose veins on my legs.  They were small, but bulged, and were unsightly.   The swelling had disappeared, although the veins have not.  The main thing is the satisfaction of knowing that I am taking all 72 minerals in just the right proportions.  I have not found another product that is comparable.

Celest from Lovelady, TC

Pain Relief
I am 54 years of age and incredibly healthy.  However, being a meassage therapist for 16 years I have developed very sore elbows, wrists, thumbs, and shoulders, not to mention my hips.  The very next day after taking 6 capsules of Coral Complex, all my pain has left my body.  Thank you Coral LLC for your wonderful product.

Parker of Aspen, CO

Periodontal Disease
My first experience with Coral Complex was 2 years ago.  I had been experiencing progressively serious periodontal disease.  My dentist informed me that I had 80% bone loss and there was no alternative to extraction.  I used supplements with no relief (constant chronic abscess with loose teeth and pain).

Relief was evident within 24 hours (abscesses began to recede).  I have never experienced such immediate results with any other product.

My dental situation has continuously improved to the point where I now know I'll keep most of my teeth.  My dentist now also uses and recommends Coral Complex.

With the Calcium Complex program I have for the first time in 25 years of practice a logical, effective and cost effective supplement program I can confidently recommend to all my patients.

Patients report relief from many symptoms and conditions.  Of great interest are patients who are able to report much better effects of Coral Complex as compared to other forms of calcium they had used.   Best regards,

Hoeiger, D.C., of Canada

I'm currently taking Coral Complex to satisfy my calcium needs.  It really helps my tendentious and also alleviates pain from exercise.

C. Eugene, CO

Prostate / Joint Pain
Thank you for a great product.  My pH was 5 and stiff joints and aching muscles reduced my mobility greatly.  Since taking Coral Complex and Vitamin D combo my pH is slightly basic and ability has greatly improved.  As a side benefit my Doctor now says my prostate gland is normal size.

Holt, Canada

Post Surgery
Almost 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  After all the treatments including surgery I was rid of the disease but left in a state of chronic pain and grossly underweight due to a major part of my stomach being removed.  I have lived with these complications close to 10 years.  In January (2003) I begun seeing a new physician concerned with my health; he explained the importance of pH and keeping it on the alkaline side.  I was very acid.  He suggested I use the Coral Complex to restore my pH balance and to make up for mineral deficiencies I no doubt have.  After a few days of taking the Coral Complex I began to notice my everyday level increase.   Due to being underweight I have been terribly weak since my illness so any changes are very noticeable.  My energy and strength kept improving for over a month and leveled out at a higher level of energy than I have had in all these years.  Also, part of my chronic pain was daily breakthrough pain shooting through my chest.   Within two months of the coral it began to greatly lessen.  I am still on strong pain medication but the breakthrough pain is now rare while before it was a daily ordeal to cope with.  I am still 5'11".  Before my illness I weighed 210 lbs, after surgery I went to 130 lbs for the last 8-9 years I have stayed around 140 lbs, unable to get any higher.  As of June my weight is 155 lbs, it's been there for 6 weeks without change.  Your product has greatly improved my quality of life.  I can't thank you enough.

Brad Harbuck, SC

Back Aches and Dreams
Just one little scoop in a glass of water before bedtime produced extremely deep sleep for me.  After 90 days on the product, the other benefit, and to me the most important one, came;  I used to have lower back aches once a month or more, and I often would bring on an instant back pull-pain by just putting on my socks in the morning, where it would take 2 to 4 days with a back brace to get over it. 

Now, in the past almost 3 months, not one backache, no leg soreness from over exertion, or back problems from sitting all day - pulling weeds in the yard, working overhead for hours on end.  Coral Complex is great.  I would not be without it.   I am almost 63 years old and retired.

Jim, Santa Barbara

Lack of Energy and Motivation
I have been on the Coral Complex for approximately three months.  Before I started taking the Coral Complex, I felt very sluggish - not motivated at all.  But since, I have felt energetic and motivated.  I have really enjoyed being on the Coral Complex and have intentions on starting the rest of my family on it also.  I would highly recommend everyone getting on this - it's wonderful!

Eddings, SC

Benefits Experienced
Here are some of the benefits I have experienced:  I no longer suffer from daily sinus headaches, my blood pressure has stabilized (without medication), I no longer experience indigestion, I no longer need antibiotics to control a scalp condition I have had for many years.  (My Dermatologist said there was no cure, just control with antibiotics.  Obviously he didn't know about Coral Complex!) My heel spurs are no longer a painful issue!  I can go without shoes without pain.  I no longer need medication for a prostate condition.  For years I suffered from a knee injury.   Since taking Coral Complex, I can walk without pain.

Jim Blessing, Camden SC

Stomach Pain Relieved
I had surgery for a twisted bowel approximately 5 years ago.  Since that time I have experienced stomach pain, often severe, while eating or following a meal.  This was usually a daily experince.  My father-in-law introduced me to Coral Complex but at firsty I was very skeptical.  In the past I thought food supplements were nothing more than snake oil.  However, he seemed to believe in the Coral Complex so much, I decided to give it a try.  I am so glad I did because I am now pain free for the first time in 5 years!  I can now eat anything I want without suffering the consequences.

James Miller, Camden, SC

Twins Relieved of Psoriasis and Stomach Pain
Breana, was plagued with psoriasis.  After she got on the coral Complex, it dried up and disappeared.  Britly complained daily of stomach pain.  Since taking the Coral, no more complaints or stomachaches.  The girls have not brought home any of the "bugs" associated with a school environment.  While others were getting the flu and bad colds, they remained healthy.  This is the first time the girls have not missed a school day due to illness.  They like taking the Coral Complex so much they even remind us if we forgot to give it to them!

Britly & Breana Miller(Six year old twins) Camden, SC

Better Sleep
Since my wife and I got Coral Complex we sleep better, have fewer headaches and have more energy.  We wake up refreshed even when we have short nights!

Scott Perry, Ladson, SC

Allergy Relieved
I was diagnosed with an incurable condition that made me allergic to the cold.  The Doctor said there was no cure and that I would have it for life.  When I was exposed to the cold, any exposed skin would break out in hives, swell and itch.  My parents put me on Coral Complex.  A few weeks ago I was at my grandparent's house and played out in the snow for hours!  I no longer have an allergy to the cold!

Lacie Perry (11 year old)

Insomnia Relief
Zack has had a chronic problem, for years, with falling asleep.  He would often lay in bed, still awake for hours after everyone else in the family had gone to bed.  He falls to sleep in a relatively short time now.  He loves what the Coral Complex has done for him. 

Zack Perry (8 years old)

A backache that I had suffered with from two or more years, is now 100% improved after taking Coral Complex for a few days.  It makes me feel good "all over."   Several of my friends are taking it now with "great improvements."

David Q, Newport, SC

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