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Portable Tent Sauna

Portable Tent Sauna

15.00 LBS

Product Description

Portable Tent Sauna with Negative Ions

The Infrared heaters are 87% spectral emissivity carbon and tourmaline heating panels that have faster, deeper penetrating infrared than many saunas.

* Ozone Therapy and Oxygen therapy

* Aromotherapy for essential oil diffusing

* Temperature Range: 113°-140°F

* Temperature Control for interior and foot section

* EMF: < 0.3 milligauss * 87% Spectral Emissivity (87% infrared and 13% heat)

* Timer Range: 5 to 95 minutes


Using an infrared sauna at 130-140 degrees results in the same heavy amount of sweating. While this cleans the pores and skin, it is also excretes higher amounts of electrolytes. Using a sauna at these temperatures requires replacing the lost fluids and electrolytes. However, using an infrared sauna at the lower temperatures of 110-125 degrees results in a sticker, more fat-laden sweat and less electrolyte loss. In fact at lower temperatures, the sweat from an infrared sauna session is comprised of up to 20% toxins compared to only 3% toxins in the sweat produced in a high temperature steam sauna.

Far infrared rays with wavelengths between 7 and 14 micrometers (μm) or between 7,000 and 14,000 Nano meters (nm), which is the beneficial range for humans. 

The peak wavelength is at about 9 μm (9000 nm), which is where water molecules vibrate. Since the human body is made up of 60-75% water, it absorbs infrared the best (the deepest heat penetration) at 9 μm. Virtually all of the infrared emitted from the Tent Sauna is between 4 and 14 μm. Designed to be as close to the optimal 9.4 microns frequencies as possible. 


Ultra low EMF (harmful electromagnetic radiation) portable sauna. The sauna was tested with an EMF meter placed inside the center of the sauna and found that the EMFs constantly remained in the range of less than or equal to 0.3 -0.4 milligauss throughout operation. In contrast, other similar saunas were tested and the EMFs jump off the scale.

The recommended safe level is 0.5 – 2.5 milliguass 

* Infrared Energy Density: 456 Watts/square meter at 99F

* Input Voltage: 100-220V/60H AC

* Output Power: 1000W (max)

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