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Avant lasers do not use inexpensive LEDs or cheap laser diodes. Cheaper LEDs do not offer the same level of power control that you get from using a InGaAlP diode. The LZ30z uses the highest quality laser diodes available and it is a self-calibrated device so that you can get the "optimum" amount of energy into a treatment area every time.

The top model the LZ30z also includes a large treatment area. Using advanced optics, the product allow users to treat area up to 1 square inch without moving the device. For practitioners, the larger treatment area means faster treatment times. For beginning users, the broad treatment area means that users are more likely to treat the "sweet spot" when treating a poorly defined problem area.


In general, the Infra Red wavelength is better for deep therapy and the visible red (637 nm) is better for shallow therapy and often for treating the root causes of complex problems.

These FDA cleared cold lasers provide an unparalleled balance of features and totally crush the competition when compared to other class 3b models like Thor™, Microlight™ and the Erchonia™. With the Avant Class 3b lasers, you get more power, more flexibility, and a longer warranty for less than any competing lasers. The LZ30 lasers have up to 15 times the power of the ML830™ AND up to 200 times the power level of an Erchonia™ laser system. This means you can either shorten your treatment times by 15X (by targeting the same dosage) or give your patients the higher dosage that often makes the difference between success and failure.

The LZ30 series are the only self-calibrating cold laser with automatic power control that sells for less than $6500 (Medilaser). The LZ30p, LZ30x and LZ30z come with a web-app therapy timer with over 200 dynamically created precision protocols for humans, horses and dogs. This LZ30z is one of the most powerful class 3b IR (808nm) laser on the market and it is the most power FDA cleared RED (637nm) laser available at any price. When you combine these great spec with a 3-year warranty and training from a doctor over the phone (included with every system), you are getting maximum flexibility and some of the best support in the industry. 

 IR Power Comparison

Erchonia PL5000
ML830 (Battery version)
Q1000ng (with probes)
Thor-LX (with probes)
Quantum Wave (with probes)
TerraQuant Pro

  Red Power

Erchonia PL5000
ML830 (Battery version)
Q1000ng (with probes)*
Thor-LX (with probes)*
Quantum Wave (with probes)*
TerraQuant Pro


*Clinical experience has demonstrated that the most effective biostimulation wavelength is in the 630nm-640nm range. Only the LZ30 and PL5000 use red laser diodes in this range. Other devices use 660nm laser diodes which are less effective (and cheaper).

LZ30-X   190mW
LZ30   50mW
ML830 (Battery version)   0mW
Q1000ng (with probes)*   64mW
Thor-LX (with probes)*   30mW
Quantum Wave (with probes)*   100mW
TerraQuant Pro   0mW

While infrared causes less biostimulation, it penetrates tissue much better than red and hence is good for deeper issues and for pain and inflammation. Wavelengths in the range of 800nm..1000nm provide similar results.

LZ30-X   900mW
LZ30   900mW
ML830 (Battery version)   90mW
Q1000ng (with probes)   328mW
Thor-LX (with probes)   450mW
Quantum Wave (with probes)   100mW
TerraQuant Pro   30mW

Size and weight are important considerations. It is not uncommon to use the laser with most treatments, so the associated occupational strain is a very real consideration. While portability might seem unnecessary for an office-bound practitioner, if you have multiple treatment rooms or a device that is shared, then one that requires an outlet can be an encumbrance.

A cable between a base unit and treatment head that drags across the patient can be a distraction, and an encumbrance to the therapist while moving around during treatment.

LZ30-X miniature, cordless
LZ30 miniature, cordless
ML830 (Battery version) compact, cordless
Q1000ng (with probes) compact, console+probe
Thor-LX (with probes) console+probe
Quantum Wave (with probes) console+probe
TerraQuant Pro console+probe

While some devices offer the ability to set power, pulse frequency and treatment duration, others allow fully customized presets that automate every possible element of a treatment. For illustration, the dose for treatment of arthritis in finger joints is well established, so ideally, a therapy device would automate the entire process, delivering the correct does to each side of the finger, prompting the user to move the treatment head to the next location. This is clearly and advantage to having to pull out a calculator to work out dose and then program a timer for each use.

The LZ30 has the longest warranty on the market and we don’t hide anything in the small print. The laser diodes and the internal battery are not excluded.

LZ30-X or LZ30X 500 preset capacity. Recipes. Advanced treatment automation.
LZ30P 30 preset capacity. Recipes. Advanced treatment automation.
ML830 (Battery version) No pulsing capability.
Q1000ng (with probes) 9 presets included. More available at a fee.
Thor-LX (with probes) 12 fixed frequencies.
Quantum Wave (with probes) Not disclosed.
TerraQuant Pro Keypad entry of frequency. 4 presets.

Although there are cheaper devices available, the power and features of the LZ30 rank it with devices costing considerably more and without the added power and advanced features that make LZ Lasers a leader in the industry.

LZ30-X & LZ30Z   3 years
LZ30   3 years
ML830 (Battery version)   1 year
Q1000ng (with probes)   2 years
Thor-LX (with probes)   1 year
Quantum Wave (with probes)   1 year
TerraQuant Pro   2 years



LZ30-P   $3.950
ML830 (Battery version)   $4,495
Q1000ng (with probes)   $7,500
Thor-LX (with probes)   $10,520
Quantum Wave (with probes)   $4,800
TerraQuant Pro    
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