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Essential Mate Sauna

Essential Mate Sauna

85.00 LBS

Product Description

Essential Mate Sauna by Health Mate   Improve blood flow without raising blood pressure.

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            Includes US Shipping  2 Year Warranty                                                                                        Portable  25 1/4 W" x 43 D" x 31 H

    • 860 Watt / 15 Amp
    • 6 Heaters Total
    • Low EMF Tecoloy heaters
    • Low EMF TruInfra heaters
    • Floor Heater


The Health Partner Essential Mate Sauna warms the lower body without adverse effects such as increased blood pressure, while heart and head stay cool.

The Cleanse and Renew Sauna allows pulse rate to remain steady preventing undue stress on the heart.
Blood flow, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase while diastolic blood pressure stays relatively consistent for enhanced overall cardiovascular fitness.

The far-infrared heat therapy allows in depth warming that occurs safely and comfortably. This system increases blood flow to the whole body by 41%, enhancing both blood circulation and metabolism.

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Far Infrared saunas are unlike regular saunas where the hot air temperature can make it hard to breathe and stay in for long periods of time.  The lower temperature allows for long sauna sessions and increased detoxification because Far Infrared Saunas can heat the body three times greater than a regular sauna and penetrates about 2 inches into the body.  Temperature up to 170 Degrees.




The deep heat of the Health Partner F.I.T.T. System helps peripheral blood vessels to dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles, so they recover faster. Muscles relax most readily when tissues are warm which eases pain while providing greater flexibility and range of motion.   Most beneficial to use before a massage.



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The Finest Western Red Cedar from Canada

Every Cleanse and Renew Sauna is hand-crafted from the best center-cut wood for exterior. Carefully inspected and hand-picked all clear and vertical grains, Canadian Western Red Cedar offers the highest quality material for saunas distinguished by its beauty and exceptional durability in high-moisture environments.

Allows for Effortless Mobility

Providing the same sweating benefits as offered by traditional saunas but without the restriction of complete isolation.  Cleanse and Renew gives your upper body freedom allows for ease of movement so you can enjoy a number of activities during your sessions while your heart and head stay cool.  You can work while detoxing and save time.

Technologically Advanced Far Infrared Flat Heaters

Seven flat carbon heaters with ceramic sand safely and efficiently warm your body. With heaters targeting your back, the sides of your legs, the front of your knees and below your feet, the patented technology of far infrared heat penetrates evenly for optimal results.

Conveniently Compact and Perfectly Portable

Thanks to the wheels on the back you can move the sauna easily to any area of your home in just minutes. The space-saving design is completely free-standing and requires no plumbing or ventilation, so location options and relocation are simplified.

Saves Energy

Plugging into a 120V outlet, the Cleanse and Renew Sauna’s energy depletion is much lower than what traditional saunas require. Consuming approximately 860W, Health Partner uses almost the same energy as a vacuum cleaner so there’s no need to worry about the frequency of use or an exorbitant. 

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