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Immune System

Boost your immunity with Colostrum and use natural antibacterials such as Garlic to help fight infection.  You can stregthen your immune system by killing off pathogens, harmful bacteria and viruses.

Garlic is one of the best infection fighters available for both bacterial and viral infections.
It is a natural antibiotic that does not appear to create resistant bacteria strains. 

Products that contain Garlic Include:

Capsium with Garlic is an easy supplement to take with Garlic

Flu Busteris an awesome Garlic, Onion Habernaro Tincture


Colostrum is from the first 6 hours of milk from cows and helps to regrow the thymus gland which is the head of the immune system.  As you get older the thymus gets smaller and smaller, however using colostrum you can help restore the thymus gland and stregthem your defense system.  

The Thymus gland is an organ which sits behind the breastbone in the upper chest.  At birth it is about half the size of the lungs, but the time old age sets in, it is practically nonexistent. Thus, a person's ability to generate a strong immune response, diminishes with age as the thymus gland shrinks.  The fact that the thymus glad is a key component to the proper functioning of the immune system explains why so many diseases and health problems seem to be age related. The thymus gland has been called the center of youth and immunity.  Several studies have confirmed that the growth factors contained in the complete colostrum are capable of restoring the thymus gland and actually returning it to youthful function and proportions!  If the thymus gland can be regrown with the use of colostrum, then age related decrease in immune function can be reversed.  Having a fully functioning thymus gland is the most valuable support your immune system can have.

Products containing colostrum include:  Colostrum, Immunocal, Immunocal Platinum, Transfer Factor, Riovida and Limu.



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